We are looking for someone who can work as a full time or part time store staff. If you are a manga lover and like to try new things, we welcome you! Let’s spread the wonders of Japanese manga together!

Job Description
Customer service, Cashier, Cleaning, Merchandise display, Purchase (evaluation of products), etc.


  • Must have work status to work in the U.S.
  • Japanese and American manga enthusiasts
Employment Status Full Time/Part Time
Position Store Staff
Language English/Japanese (Japanese is not required)
Working Hours Full time: 5 days a week (in Tue-Sun, Sunday required)
Part-time: negotiable (Sundays required)
8 hours a day or part time (to be adjusted upon request)
Salary Hourly rate $14-$16 per hour (to be determined after interview based on experience)
Benefit Health insurance (based on working hours)

Please send resume/cover letter to: