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Shin Salaryman Kintaro Vol.4-Official Japanese Edition

Shin Salaryman Kintaro Vol.4-Official Japanese Edition

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(Sarariiman Kintarō)
Written by Hiroshi Motomiya
Published by Shueisha
English publisher
  • NA: Manga Planet (digital)
Imprint Young Jump Comics
Magazine Weekly Young Jump
Demographic Seinen
Original run 19942016
Volumes 45
Series titles
  1. Salary Man Kintaro (1994–2002, 30 volumes)
  2. Salary Man Kintaro: Money Wars-hen(2005–2006, 4 volumes)
  3. Shin Salaryman Kintaro (2009–2011, 7 volumes)
  4. Salary Man Kintaro: 50-sai (2015–2016, 4 volumes)

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